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CBA Education


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CBA provides a range of classes for real estate professionals hoping to enter the commercial sector to seasoned professionals expanding their skill set.

2018 CBA Education Class List

CBA 01 Introduction to Commercial Real Estate
CBA 02 Referral & Mentor Opportunities & Guidelines
CBA 03 Commercial Real Estate Basics
CBA 04 Income Property Analysis
CBA 05 Income Property Analysis & Comparison
CBA 06 Introduction to Multi-Family Investments
CBA 07 Introduction to multi-Family Listing and Selling
CBA 08 Introduction to Commercial Leasing Part A
CBA 09 Introduction to Commercial Leasing Part B
CBA 10 Advanced Income Property Analysis
CBA 11 Commercial Loans from Start to Finish
CBA 12 CRE Transaction Documents Review
CBA 13 Business Development & Prospecting
CBA 14 Tenant Representation
CBA 15 Lease Negotiations
CBA 16 Lease or Purchase
CBA 17 Business Opportunities Sales
CBA 18 Hospitality Sales
CBA 19 Retain Sales/Lease
CBA 20 Industrial-Flex-R&D Sales/Lease
CBA 21 Office Sales/Lease
CBA 22 Sale & Lease Back

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Online Education

CBA has partnered with the Commercial Real Estate Institute, INC. to provide an on-demand training program.

You may rent any one of the commercial training videos for 30 days here. Each video rented includes these pdf documents:

  • Table of Content
  • Templates/Examples
  • Self Study Questions
  • Answer Sheet