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Christopher Hanson

Christopher Hanson

Hanson Law Firm (HLF) is a real-estate-centric law firm with decades of experience in California’s residential and commercial brokerage business.         Members of my team of senior attorneys have served as general counsel for 1031 exchange intermediaries and commercial brokerages, as risk managers for large (and small) residential brokerage companies and as an associate dean of a law school. HLF is firmly set in its real property.

That kind of expertise allows me to predict issues and find solutions—all so our clients can sleep at night, knowing my staff and I have got their backs.

We don’t just represent real estate brokerages and agents.  We’ll sue them too, when they’ve screwed up – after all, their clients should be able to sleep at night too.

Real estate today is going through changes more dramatic than almost anything we’ve ever seen, and brokers and agents are subjected to an ever-growing list of concerns. As California real estate attorneysand insurance Bad Faith attorneys representing brokers and agents throughout California, we are aware of these changes, and develop focused and pragmatic solutions when problems arise.

I regularly tell my real estate brokerage clients that the best way to win a case is to avoid a lawsuit in the first place.  If there is an insurance based defense, I can often come in as independent counsel (called “Cumis counsel”) and defend the brokerage—at the E&O carrier’s expense.

But, if a lawsuit can’t be avoided, I know how to handle even the trickiest, most complex cases, on behalf of either the brokerage/agent or the broker/agent’s client.

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