Commercial Brokers Association

C.A.R. Red Alert – AB 2502

An update on AB 2502 – Protecting Local Inclusionary Housing Programs.

As of last Thursday, the bill did not have enough votes to pass. Under normal circumstances, it would have died because the deadline to pass bills from their “house of origin” was Friday.

However, due to procedural maneuvering by the proponents, the bill was amended on the floor, allowing it to be returned to the Local Government Committee for another hearing. This maneuver also prevents the bill from being subject to the “house of origin” deadline.

What this means for us is that C.A.R. will continue to oppose the bill, both in the Local Government Committee and, if necessary, on the Assembly Floor.

For those of you with members who live in Assembly districts represented by Democrats, C.A.R. will hold off asking members to call their legislators for the time being. Tomorrow C.A.R. will be sending an update to all those who received the initial Red Alert letting them know where the bill stands.

In a few districts, C.A.R. will be asking members to use the automated email system to send their legislators a note of thanks for their support.

Thanks, as always for your efforts. We very much appreciate everything you do to support C.A.R.’s Red Alerts.